Interview with Ognjen Nisavic

In a series of interviews the club is interviewing key characters associated with the club. Ognjen Nisavic (27), is one of our newest coaches. He's an energetic Serbian who's busy coaching our G15 team and playing basketball for Fyllingen in BLNO.

Jon Fraczak


What's your background in basketball?

- Playing professional basketball for the last 10 years in countries around Europe. Currently playing for Fyllingen in BLNO.

Why become a coach for Tertnes Basket?

- I want to do more than just play basketball in Norway, and I think that kids have a lot of things to learn from me.

Which qualities make you a good coach?

- I think I possess a lot of experience and knowledge about basketball. I've been trained by the best Serbian coaches, and Serbian basketball school is one of the best in the world.

What is the most important aspect if a team is to win a game?

- Actually it's not that easy to answer. A lot of stuff;

  • Game preparation, every player doing the assignment that his coach gave him.
  • Getting the team in a position where they believe that they can win and make the players working for one another as a team.

Which practices/drills do you apply to improve a player's shooting skills?

- Every player has different strengths and flaws. A good coach knows how to maximize and use the strengths of his players, and to hide the weaknesses. Basically to get them in the position to do what they are comfortable doing.

How do you motivate players during practice and a game?

- Generally if players need to be motivated to practice they shouldn't even be there. When it comes to the games you have to look at every player as an individual. Something that motivates one player doesn't work with the other. For some you, for example, have to yell and get them angry. With others you have to go easy and praise and cheer them to raise their confidence level. You basically have to figure out what moves your players and what they respond to to be at their best.


How do you solve conflicts between players?

Basketball is a really intense and physical sport. When the adrenalin starts working sometimes a conflict happens. Conflicts happen in sports a lot of the time, however, if it's nothing special you don't react to it every time. Personally I like when players show their passion and are willing to do anything to win because I was raised that way. Anything that happens on the court, and if you leave it there, it's okay.

Should a coach be nice with the players?

- Yes, of course. When we are working I want a 100% focus, but off the court we can have fun. You just have to make players know that and separate those two things.

As a coach, who is your role model?

- Željko Obradović

What about basketball teaches players about life outside the sport?

- It is really important because it builds a person's character. You learn everything about teamwork and hard work, you learn not to give up easily, not to be selfish and that the world doesn't revolve around you. There are 5 players on the court and all of them need to work like one, with the same idea if the team wants to be successful. There are no shortcuts in basketball. If you work hard and honest the game will reward you.

All positions on a basketball court are important. Which players, in your opinion, should our players (per position) study to learn and why? 

- I really like watching Euroleague basketball and think that's real basketball compared to NBA which is too commercialized. A lot of great players like Nando de Colo from CSKA Moscow that doesn't make any insufficient moves. Vasilis Spanoulis from Olympiakos, a true team leader and born winner. Slovenian wonderkid Luka Doncic that plays for Real Madrid. Nikola Kalinic of Fenerbahce a great team player who does all the "dirty" work on the court. And really a lot more of great players…

Tertnes Basket wins the series with you as a coach. What do you do?

- Celebrate with STYLE :)



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